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  1. Eye am you: dedicated you, yes you the other me.

    Sun: Giving thanks to the Sun/Umvelinqangi/ for the light and energie.

    Tattoos by HolaPunk


  2. WaterTheFlowers


  3. Keep Calm
    And Role
    Some Herbs.

    By: http//


  4. Mrs & Mr Vice




  6. godskidbrother:

    "Border gates will not identify me, a child of the universe" By:


  7. theunknownhippie said: just scoped your blog! completely love it! especially the May Joburg bless u exhibition! (:

    Give thanks. May Johannesburg Bless You was just great, glad to be a part of in teaching ad raising awareness.
    1love back at you.
    Stay blessed­čî×


  8. May Johannesburg Bless You
    photos by:
    Creative Director: Banele Rewo
    Art Director: Ntsako Mitenda
    Full Story CLICK HERE


  9. May Johannesburg Bless You Exhibition went down very well.
    @Kalashnikov Gallery in Braamfontein.

    Ntsako Mitenda x GodsKidBrother



  11. "Lets hang around more often"
    with: iPhone


  12. "Hold on to the little light that you have"

    with: iPhone
    inspired by: Psalm1


  13. "keep smiling"

    myself when i was 3years old :)


  14. ms-jay-lynn said: Hey Simphiwe! Loving the blog! Could I please get the link for your podcasts?

    hey hey bitso waam i hope uvaye grand last saturday.
    here you go :)
    see you soon though worry not. 


  15. forget-edd said: Hey man dope Blog, love it how you incorporate Africa in what you do. . . hope to see more

    yeah maan give thanks. lets take apon ourselves to capture our history and preserve otherwise Afrika will nomore. 
    for sure more work is coming.