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  1. WaterTheFlowers


  2. Keep Calm
    And Role
    Some Herbs.

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  3. Mrs & Mr Vice




  5. godskidbrother:

    "Border gates will not identify me, a child of the universe" By:


  6. theunknownhippie asked: just scoped your blog! completely love it! especially the May Joburg bless u exhibition! (:

    Give thanks. May Johannesburg Bless You was just great, glad to be a part of in teaching ad raising awareness.
    1love back at you.
    Stay blessed­čî×


  7. May Johannesburg Bless You
    photos by:
    Creative Director: Banele Rewo
    Art Director: Ntsako Mitenda
    Full Story CLICK HERE


  8. May Johannesburg Bless You Exhibition went down very well.
    @Kalashnikov Gallery in Braamfontein.

    Ntsako Mitenda x GodsKidBrother



  10. "Lets hang around more often"
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  11. "Hold on to the little light that you have"

    with: iPhone
    inspired by: Psalm1


  12. "keep smiling"

    myself when i was 3years old :)


  13. ms-jay-lynn asked: Hey Simphiwe! Loving the blog! Could I please get the link for your podcasts?

    hey hey bitso waam i hope uvaye grand last saturday.
    here you go :)
    see you soon though worry not. 


  14. forget-edd asked: Hey man dope Blog, love it how you incorporate Africa in what you do. . . hope to see more

    yeah maan give thanks. lets take apon ourselves to capture our history and preserve otherwise Afrika will nomore. 
    for sure more work is coming.


  15. knowsnochill asked: omw, gimme your talent! haha, the camera I have is so useless without any of it. cool blog, bro.

    hahahahaha give thanks just keep shooting and learning and most of it all Have Fun :)